The Ultimate Travel Guide to Newport, Oregon

The Ultimate Guide to Newport, Oregon | Unique Boat Bed & Breakfast + Coastal Adventures | @brittsbellavita Travel Blogger and Photographer

Discover the best things to do in Newport, Oregon for adventure couples looking to getaway to the coast. Stay in a unique boat hotel, explore the Oregon Coast, and sip some delicious wine with unbeatable views.

Are you looking for Coastal Getaway in Oregon? Look no further as the town of Newport, Oregon has all the adventure, scenery, delicious food, and coziness to offer anyone looking to visit this seaside town. If you are planning to stay close to the water you will want to check out the Newport Belle, and read more about our incredible Boat Bed and Breakfast experience!

We live in Sacramento, CA and we've done a little bit of Oregon travel already and wanted to go somewhere new. Newport, Oregon seemed like a good choice because it is a nice halfway point from Sacramento and Seattle, plus its on the coast of Oregon, which we hadn't explored much of that up to this point.

Where to Stay:

When researching places to stay in Newport, Oregon we used as we had some rewards nights points to spend. We typically like to stay in places that are unique and close to activities. Since Newport, Oregon is a seaside town, we wanted to be close to the water and take in all the coastal beauty while we could. When I came across this unique Boat Bed + Breakfast on an old Paddlewheel Boat, it was an easy choice for us. After reading the stellar 5 star reviews and seeing its location right in the harbor, I knew we had to stay at the Newport Belle.

Although I grew up boating with my family, and have been on cruise ships, I had never stayed on a Paddlewheel boat before! We had such a wonderful experience, and enjoyed the intimacy and coziness of the Bed + Breakfast.

All of the rooms have been remodeled within the last few years and have a light + airy feel to them, which is perfect for your peaceful stay by the ocean.

Make a cup of coffee and enjoy the local books they have in your room.

All the essentials are left for you! We loved waking up every morning and making a cup of coffee and peeking our heads out of the window to enjoy the coastal air.

If you look closely in the background, we had a nice view of the magnificent Yaquina Bay Bridge from our room.

Each afternoon they had a complimentary Happy Hour, where the amazing hosts provided a curated charcuterie and choice of drink! If you are wondering about COVID pre-cautions, The Newport Belle made sure that guests on board were all spaced out so we could safely and comfortably enjoy ourselves.

How cute is this potbelly stove?! Perfect for those chilly days by the sea.

When we first arrived to B&B, the wonderful hosts went over the breakfast menu for the days that we would be staying, and let me tell you...the food is AMAZING! It reminded us of when we went on our honeymoon. The daily breakfast was multiple courses and just so thoughtfully curated to tingle all of the sweet, savory and salty senses!

You may even have the pleasure of spotting some wildlife from the boat! We were lucky to spot a few Harbor Seals during our stay!

Things to Do in Newport, Oregon

#1 Sea Lion Docks + Newport Bay Front

The Newport Bay Front is going to be your central location for dining, shopping and experiencing the heart of Newport. Newport, Oregon is the quintessential Fishermans village, and it illuminates a sense of nostalgia as you walk along seeing the fresh caught fish being brought in and shrimp trucks driving down the street.

Head over to the Sea Lion Docks for some "in the wild" entertainment, seriously these vocal little sea lions are just the cutest little creatures. You'll get a great view of the Yaquina Bay Bridge and the Newport Bay Front.

Grab a cup of espresso and enjoy the weather- rain or shine!

Fresh seafood galore- I believe those are shrimp!

#2 Hike to Yaquina Head Lighthouse

At 93 feet tall, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is Oregon's tallest lighthouses. We did not tour the inside due to COVID-19, and instead took in all her beauty from the outside. The trail from the parking lot is very easy and perfect for all skill levels. The walk from your car to the lighthouse is about 0.5 miles roundtrip.

The views of Oregon's rugged coastline is magical, and take the time to head down the stairs and walk along the rocky beach. You'll get some unique photos from a different perspective! We even saw some interesting sea life washed ashore!

#3 Explore Rogue Ales

If you love beer, then you'll need to explore the Rogue Ale Headquarters. The Pacific Northwest is known for having a supreme beer culture, as many hops are grown locally in the Cascades. Rogue Ales has a large presence locally and nation wide, and their headquarters is located on the Yaquina Bay.

We were able to walk to the brewery and restaurant from our Bed + Breakfast which was awesome! Make sure to check to see what is now currently open due to COVID-19, but at the time we were able to safely enjoy a nice pub meal and seasonal beers! The facility is HUGE and it's spectacular to see them canning right out front and walking through the brewing operations.

They do have a tap room in downtown Newport as well, but according to Google they are now permanently closed :(

#4 Visit Devil's Punchbowl + Flying Dutchman Winery

You could very well go to the tourist trap of Ripleys Believe it or Not, or if you are an adventure junkie like us, you MUST visit Devil's Punchbowl and grab a glass of Pinot at Flying Dutchman Winery afterwards.

"The park is a popular whale watching site and displays intriguing geology. The punch bowl was probably created by the collapse of the roof over two sea caves, then shaped by wave action. This is a scenic picnic spot atop the undulating rocky shoreline. Don't forget to explore the tidepools on the north side of the punch bowl!" - Oregon State Parks

Watch the waves lull in and out of the sea caves, and take in the views of surfers catching waves on the gorgeous Oregon coastline.

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Bonus: Flying Dutchman Winery

As you drive up to Devil's Punchbowl you will be greeted to a tiny little community of shops and restaurants, and when I say "tiny" I mean it, maybe like 5 shops in total. Although that's probably all you'll need, they have a Mo's Chowder, Winery, Coffee Shop, and a Surf Shop.

Flying Dutchman Winery was following all the protocols and when you arrive, you will sign your name on a sheet and they will call you in when it's your turn to do a private tasting. Their back patio has the MOST spectacular view a winery could have!

Enjoy a bottle of wine out back and soak up the sounds of the sea.

Who wouldn't want to drink wine with this view!

#5 Enjoy Delicious Seafood

There is no doubt that Newport, Oregon has some incredible restaurant options serving up some of the best seafood on the West Coast. While you are here, take advantage of the local cuisine and beer/wine. We were recommended some great options during our visit, and although we couldn't try them all during our short stay, we very much enjoyed Ocean Bleu @ Gino's. It was right in our budget friendly price point, and checked off all our seafood favorites!

Additional Activities in Newport, Oregon:

We stayed in Newport, Oregon just for a few days before heading up the Coast to Seattle, Washington. There are definitely some activities we did not get to explore, partly due to timing and pandemic circumstances, but I will list some other popular activities for those visiting in the future.

Newport Aquarium

Whale Watching

Seal Rock

Agate Hunting at Agate Beach

Local Ocean Seafoods Restaurant

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