Guide to Murals in Sacramento (Locations + Customized Walking Tour!)

One of the best ways to experience Sacramento's grid is by taking a mural walk to admire and appreciate the energy of the city. Various muralists have come from all over the world to make their mark on Sacramento's art scene.

Sacramento has a thriving art community, which is reflected in the city's beautiful and poignant murals. Wide Open Walls is one of the primary commissioners for supporting artists and bringing new murals to Sacramento. You can find a majority of Sacramento's murals on their website, and even create a map to plan your mural stops. Although with the abundance of murals to choose from it can become overwhelming, which is why this guide will help you narrow down your route.

Use this mural walking tour as a guide for your next stroll through Sacramento! Plus, the murals are located in the heart of midtown, making it the ideal spot for a drink or bite to eat while strolling. Below you will find 13 murals mapped out in 1.6 mile direct walking route (3.2mi RT). See the walking tour map at end of the page for walking directions!

Isle Valfre Mural

1815 K St, Sacramento, CA 95811

The renowned Isle Valfre created this mural of three cartoon-like girls, each with their own persona and flair; it's easy to see why Valfre's artwork is a worldwide inspiration. With artwork distributed to over 250 outlets worldwide, including Nordstrom's and Urban Outfitters, the Valfré brand has quickly become a well-known, global inspiration for the creative and wild at heart.

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Nearby Restaurants: The Porch Restaurant and Bar, Buckhorn Grill, Big Stump Brewing Company , Old Soul Co.

Roy Gonzalez "Surfing USA" Mural

1815 K St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Roy Gonzalez is a well-known artist from Laguna Beach, California. His style is recognizable and one-of-a-kind, and his primary influences include Southern California surf culture and celebrities. I couldn't find an explanation for this mural, but my first takeaway from this piece is a depiction of a bi-racial George Washington riding the wave with Abe Lincoln. The Northern California flair shows through the character's Mac Drizzle "Thizz Face," and possibly some hint of Illuminati, which Jay-Z is rumored to be associated with.

This is just my interpretation, and I hope each mural makes you dive deep, and ponder what the muralist is trying to convey! You can find this piece on the same wall as the Valfre Mural!

Lin Fei Fei "Introspection Part 1" Mural

1048 18th St, Sacramento, California