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Guide to Murals in Sacramento (Locations + Customized Walking Tour!)

One of the best ways to experience Sacramento's grid is by taking a mural walk to admire and appreciate the energy of the city. Various muralists have come from all over the world to make their mark on Sacramento's art scene.

Sacramento has a thriving art community, which is reflected in the city's beautiful and poignant murals. Wide Open Walls is one of the primary commissioners for supporting artists and bringing new murals to Sacramento. You can find a majority of Sacramento's murals on their website, and even create a map to plan your mural stops. Although with the abundance of murals to choose from it can become overwhelming, which is why this guide will help you narrow down your route.

Use this mural walking tour as a guide for your next stroll through Sacramento! Plus, the murals are located in the heart of midtown, making it the ideal spot for a drink or bite to eat while strolling. Below you will find 13 murals mapped out in 1.6 mile direct walking route (3.2mi RT). See the walking tour map at end of the page for walking directions!

Isle Valfre Mural

1815 K St, Sacramento, CA 95811

The renowned Isle Valfre created this mural of three cartoon-like girls, each with their own persona and flair; it's easy to see why Valfre's artwork is a worldwide inspiration. With artwork distributed to over 250 outlets worldwide, including Nordstrom's and Urban Outfitters, the Valfré brand has quickly become a well-known, global inspiration for the creative and wild at heart.

P.S. you can shop this mural walk outfit here :)

Roy Gonzalez "Surfing USA" Mural

1815 K St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Roy Gonzalez is a well-known artist from Laguna Beach, California. His style is recognizable and one-of-a-kind, and his primary influences include Southern California surf culture and celebrities. I couldn't find an explanation for this mural, but my first takeaway from this piece is a depiction of a bi-racial George Washington riding the wave with Abe Lincoln. The Northern California flair shows through the character's Mac Drizzle "Thizz Face," and possibly some hint of Illuminati, which Jay-Z is rumored to be associated with.

This is just my interpretation, and I hope each mural makes you dive deep, and ponder what the muralist is trying to convey! You can find this piece on the same wall as the Valfre Mural!

Lin Fei Fei "Introspection Part 1" Mural

1048 18th St, Sacramento, California

Lin Fei Fei is a Chinese born artist who is based in Sacramento, California. Her work depicts the human reality of emotions and experiences, and this mural is part of a larger series called "Introspection." Other locations where the series can be found include Mexico City, New York, Denver, and Guadalajara.

Shepard Fairey "Johnny Cash" Mural

1517 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Shepard Fairey's art may be familiar to you from his famous Barack Obama "The Protester" poster from 2008 and his iconic OBEY "Andre the Giant" design. In Sacramento, he constructed a 15-story-tall Johnny Cash mural with the same aesthetic and style. As you cross 16th Street into downtown, the Johnny Cash painting has a commanding presence on L Street. The Johnny Cash artwork was commissioned to honor the 50th anniversary of the album "At Folsom Prison," for which Cash was famous for performing in jails and advocating prison reform.

How & Nosm "Mother Earth" Mural

1121 15th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

How and Nosm are two identical twin brothers who have traversed the world with their aersol cans in hand. As you look at the spray painted mural, you will see how intricate and complex their work is, much like Mother Earth herself. We accidentally missed this one on our tour but I still wanted to include it for you!

Nearby Restaurants: Cafeteria 15L, Capitol Garage

Charmaine Olivia "Goddess of Wellness" Mural

1012 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

As you pass by the California Family Fitness center on K Street, embrace your inner "Goddess of Wellness." Despite the boarded-up windows, the stunning mural is still visible for people to admire as they walk by. Charmaine Olivia is a Southern California local whose work explores spirituality, mysticism, and mythology. Lady Gaga, Urban Outfitters, Volcom, among many other brands have commissioned her work.

Ali Futrell Mural

1012 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

On the back alley of California Family Fitness is a mural done by a local artist, Ali Futrell. Ali's artwork is bright, effervescent and truly evokes joy from the moment you set eyes on her work. I've personally followed Ali on Instagram for a few years and have enjoyed watching her career blossom, so I was excited to see some of her work in person. Although we have no problem walking down random alleyways, on this particular occasion we did not feel safe. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings and don't feel obligated to put yourself at risk for a photo! I hope to see one of her pieces another time!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mural

1107 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Lurking in the back alleyways of downtown Sacramento are the infamous and playful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These quirky little characters were found spur of the moment during our mural walk, and unfortunately I don't know the artist, so if you happen to find that out feel free to DM me on Instagram!

Franceska Gámez "Shared Abundance" Mural

732 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

This mural, commissioned by California Rice and illustrated by Franceska Gamez, will have you completely captivated. Rice farming plays an important role in Sacramento's agricultural sector, so it's fantastic to see this part of the community honored through this mural. The large Blue Heron signifies the infamous bird migrations that pass through this area, highlighting the abundance of animals and agriculture that make up Sacramento's heartland.

Franceska is a local Sacramento artist and co-owner of 1810 Gallery, a gallery that supports emerging artists of any and all mediums.

2Hermano Mural

717 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

2Hermano is a muralist whose art pays homage to his Mexican roots and ancestors while also experimenting with the physical and spiritual worlds. This large and colorful mural is displayed on the alleyway behind Ali Youssefi square, and it was one of my favorite pieces of the day! More of 2Hermano's mural work is also on display at Mayahuel, a Mexican restaurant in Sacramento.

Starfighter Mural

1120 7th St Sacramento, CA 95814

Christina Angelina is an acclaimed artist who has been featured in Rolling Stone and commissioned paintings for Neiman Marcus and celebrity DJ Kaskade. Angelina completed this mural of Lady Gaga displayed at the Golden 1 Center as part of the Wide Open Walls festival in 2017. The mural was completed just in time for Lady Gaga to take stage at the Golden 1 Center. From experience, as you stare into Gaga's entrancing eyes, you may or may not be compelled to break out into song ;)

Kristin Farr Mural

500 NW J St Suite 150, Sacramento, CA 95814

Prepare to be captivated by Kristin Farr's mezmerizing mural in the DOCO center. Synesthesia, a sensory condition, is a main source of inspiration for her vibrant, patterned, and geometric artwork. You can find this mural at the top of the escalator near the Kimpton and Estelle's Bakery.

John Pugh "Do No Harm" Snake Mural

597L St, Sacramento, CA 95814

"Trompe L'oeil" is French for "Deceives the Eye," and it is a technique that artist John Pugh has mastered in his life-size mural illusions. Pugh's murals are displayed all around the world, and they have quite the "show stopping" effect on passerby's. It is rumored that his CSU Chico mural "Acadame" may have contributed to a rise in rear-end automobile accidents because drivers were distracted by the illusionary art.

You can find this iconic snake mural at the Golden 1 Center behind Estelle's Bakery & Patisserie. Take the escalator down to the street level and make a quick right to see these 3D like reptiles coiled together on the wall.

Sacramento Mural Walking Tour Map:

Google would only let me include 10 locations but some of the murals are within the same alley or block - refer back to this blog post to double check you find all 13 murals!

I really hope you enjoyed this walking tour guide to Sacramento murals, and please make sure to save to Pinterest or Share with a friend for later! I love it when you send me messages on Instagram so feel free to tag or DM me if you enjoyed this blog!



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