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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Hot Springs

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Hot Springs | @brittsbellavita Travel Blogger and Photographer

Only towel's required, leave your suits at home! Okay okay, there are a few items you should consider bringing to your Hot Spring adventure. Here are some Hot Springs etiquette and things to expect when you visit, so you can be fully prepared physically and mentally.

Leave No Trace

I always hope that this goes without saying, but you never know because everyones experience level with recreating in the outdoors varies. It is a privilege to soak in natural hot springs, therefore we must preserve and respect it. This is not your Spring Break in Cabo or Disneyland attraction, and you must always leave the environment better than you found it. If you see litter or people's left over beverages on the ground, do the right thing and pack it up to throw away even if it is not yours. Most importantly -- Please be aware of packing in and out your trash, and conscious of the lotions, sunscreens, and body oil etc that could contaminate these natural environments.

Appropriate Footwear

Depending on where you are going you'll want to be prepared footwear wise! Some Hot Springs are easier to get to than others, and some require more of an adventurous trek. Make sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes for your location. Once you get to the Hot Springs you might consider bringing a pair of sandals or even water shoes. I always go barefoot in the hot springs but there have been times with the mud and rocks I've wished I had some water shoes with me to navigate the terrain comfortably.

Check the Temperature

Before you go full 'CANNONBALL' into the water, which please do NOT do that, make sure to check the temperature as it can vary day to day. Dip your toes in to make sure it's not scorching hot. Once you're in the hot spring you'll be able to feel the temperature difference based on where the hot spring is being fed. The closer you are to the physical spring the hotter it will be.

Ditch the Glass

Although this is already a well known courtesy when it comes to swimming, just have to remind you that glass is a NO NO, plus there are so many great alternatives out there for sipping safely! Canned beer, wine, and so many great options for reusable cups. We are huge YETI fans, and this is my favorite cup to sneak a cocktail or beer in ;) And my husband prefers the big boy version for extra beer!

Stay Hydrated - Bring a Water Bottle

Since we are on the top of beverages, remember that staying hydrated is extra important when you come to a hot springs. You'll want to hydrate prior, during, and after- just like a jacuzzi it will dehydrate you! Make sure to be aware of altitude sickness as well if you are going somewhere high in altitudes.

Bathing Suit Optional

When it comes to the soaking culture, being in the nude is widely accepted, and if you are not comfortable with that then I advise staying at home.

Protect Your Noggin

Depending on the season you are visiting, I always like bringing a hat or beanie. In the summer months it's good to bring a hat to cover the face from getting sunburned, because you'll most likely be in there awhile! 🥵 During the winter, I like to bring a beanie to keep my head warm, plus it looks cute in pictures.


Think of it like your high school locker room days, cameras should not be used to respect the privacy of others. Unless you get permission or are certain to not get any other individuals in your shot.


Last but not least, we always pack a towel in our backpacks to dry off afterwards. The towels are almost always used to wipe our dirty feet before getting back in the car so keep in mind if you want to bring some extra towels for your vehicle.

All in all, I hope you enjoy the adventure of finding hot springs, and appreciate the glorious natural wonders of this world. Enjoy!



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