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I’m somewhat “over protective” with nature. Seeking new adventures is a hobby, and the best places to go to are the one’s that are hard to find. Oddly enough, I take pride in camping in places my friends have never heard of, or hiking on trails that aren’t easily found on Yelp. That’s what I mean by overprotective. I have created a bond with something that I want to keep for myself. BUT sometimes it’s just too good to share, and that’s why I am going to let you in on one of my favorite camping/adventure spots with you.

Bridgeport is located in Mono County, which is about 1.5 hours south of Lake Tahoe and 5.5 hours from Los Angeles. It makes for a great 3 day weekend trip.


My personal favorite is Buckeye Hot Springs, which I where I recommend setting up your tent and camping. They have a campground, which is first come first serve. The first time we visited, we thought we wanted to camp at the campground but it was semi crowded and we decided to save some money and pitch our tent down the road, which is totally safe, legal and highly recommended. Turn your car around and drive back where you came from (about 2 minutes) and pitch your tent in the beautiful forest. This was a move we definitely did not regret! So much more privacy, and it allowed us to explore the forest and river area, which the other campers at the campgrounds would never find. Coordinates are 38°14'15.6"N 119°19'41.4"W.

This hot spring is situated near a flowing river, surrounded by a dense forest. It can get crowded on holiday weekends, but people are friendly and we have never had any issues. Bring a few canned beers and soak up the steaming hot mineral water. If you go early in the morning, you are guaranteed to have more personal space in the spring.

PRO TIP: Looking down from the parking lot, you will see the Buckeye Hot Springs, which you scurry down the hill to get to. For extra privacy their is a smaller hot spring, with INSANE forest views, that is very close to the top of the hill. It’s hard to miss because your focus is towards the large one at the bottom of the hill. 


Stop at Travertine Hot Springs on your way in or out of town. They have multiple different springs to bath in and a gorgeous panorama view of the mountains. I'm dying to go back in Winter to enjoy a hot soak in a snow scene. Whose with me?!



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