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How to Bachelorette in South Lake Tahoe on a Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Bachelorette Party in South Lake Tahoe - Rent Tiki Boats, Drink Cocktails by the Lake, and much more Fun!

Tahoe is the perfect blend of naughty and nature for your bachelorette party, whether you're searching for a low-key weekend with your girlfriends or a hot night out on the town! Load up the White Claws and have a blast splashing around with your bridesmaids for the weekend.

South Lake Tahoe is located on the California-Nevada state line and is an ideal location for enjoying the best of both worlds. You can do it all, whether you want to explore the hiking trails or enjoy the casino nightlife.

Where to Stay in South Lake

South Lake Tahoe is the best place to be for your bachelorette party because it borders both California and Nevada. Because open containers are legal in Nevada, you can set up home base in California and walk around the casinos and beaches in Nevada, drinking openly. To be within walking distance of most restaurants and nightlife, I recommend staying at Stateline and anyplace between the lake and Heavenly Village.

We stayed at the amazing adventure-themed Basecamp Hotel, which was ideal for our huge bride tribe party of 12! The rustic chic resort has everything an adventurous bride could want, including a beer and wine bar, corn hole, a jacuzzi, and live music on weekends. We booked early through HOTELS.COM, which gave our party a significant discount and offered free cancellation.

Basecamp South Lake Tahoe Exterior Vibe

Basecamp has accommodations for parties of all sizes, and we ended up renting two rooms because we had such a large gathering. We reserved the "Party Room," which has eight twin bunk beds and sleeps up to eight people. Because our wedding party was on a budget, sharing this room was the most cost-effective option, but it seemed like one huge summer camp! In addition, we reserved a "Family Room" with four full-sized Queen bunk beds.

Both rooms were only a few doors down, which was ideal for each of us to have our own sleeping space but still feeling like we were all together. There was a balcony in each room, as well as views of the mountains!

Other Hotels I would Recommend for Bachelorette Parties:

Bachelorette Decorated Room at Basecamp South Lake Tahoe

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Road Trip Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe

We took a road trip from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe, stopping at Apple Hill along the route. We stopped by Boa Vista Orchards for some munchies and a cider tasting, which was a lot of fun and had a fantastic view of the mountains! We had lunch at Sprouts Cafe when we arrived in Tahoe, which is my favorite location to eat lunch in South Lake Tahoe! My girl friends loved the healthy fuel for the long weekend.

Before you begin the drinking festivities, don't forget to bring some hydration supplements! In their "Hangover Kits," all the ladies were given Liquid IV packets, which were ideal for keeping us hydrated in the sun and from the drinking!

Boa Vista Orchards Apple Hill Ciders

Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary - Day 1

Because some of the girls would be arriving at different times and we had a big three-day weekend ahead of us, we wanted to keep the first night low-key. We all got comfortable in our rooms, and one of my friends brought her Tarot deck, which was a great way to get to know each other and loosen up. There were a lot of laughs! As the bride-to-be, I received the "Lovers Card," which was really appropriate!

You can purchase the exact same deck of Tarot Cards on Amazon - a year later, we're still talking about our Tarot card readings!

We went down to the Beach House for a drink at sunset, and it was a fantastic location! Cocktails and a view of the lake! What more could you possibly want? We ate dinner at McP's Taphouse Grill because it was close to our hotel, and we enjoyed dining outside at the enormous table with the fire pit in the center. It was perfect for our group size, and there was a bachelor party right next door, which added to the fun!

Beach House Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe

Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary - Day 2

In South Lake Tahoe, there are wide ranges for day drinking. The Tahoe Tiki Boat, which we hired, was the highlight of our trip! Taking a boat trip is a must-do if you're planning a bachelorette party in Tahoe! We rented a Tiki boat for a few hours and were taken to Emerald Bay, where the water is crystal clear and the beach vibes are strong.

Other Boat Rentals in South Lake Tahoe:

If getting out on the open seas isn't your thing, your group also might enjoy some boozy Yoga to get the day started!

My Maid of Honor made sure that the entire weekend was stocked with fun "bride to be" accessories and toys. On the lake, the engagement ring inner tube is a girl's best friend! The same one is available on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe by Tiki Boat

Bachelorette Tahoe Tiki Boat in South Lake Tahoe

Planning a bachelorette party in Lake Tahoe over Labor Day weekend is a great idea, but make sure to get dinner reservations if you can! We ended up at Stateline Brewery, which was great because my friends and I both enjoy beer and they had a good food menu. The service was excellent, and our server Brian (who also happened to be my fiancé's name) was fantastic!

Bachelorette Dinner in South Lake Tahoe Stateline Brewery

Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary - Day 2

We went to Round Hill Pines Resort on the last day for another fantastic day of sunshine, day drinking, and floating in the lake. They have a beachside bar where you can order beverages, and since you're in Nevada, you can drink on the beach legally! I strongly advise you to try their legendary Pain Killer!

We spent the entire day in the sun and floating on the lake (therefore no pics!). We did got some strange looks with our phallic-shaped floating devices in this location because it seemed more family oriented. My fiancé's group headed to Zephyr Cove, which is just north of where we were, and is more of a "party" beach. Zephyr Cove has a Frat/Sorority vibe going on.

Back at the hotel, we ordered pizza and called it a night! Lake Tahoe has a wide range of activities for your celebration. Whether you choose a laid-back girls' night in a mountain hideaway or a wild nightclub and day drinking extravaganza!


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Lake Tahoe Bachelorette Guide



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