Mt. Shasta California Roadtrip Guide | Hike, Stay + Play

Mt.Shasta is the perfect road trip location for hikers and adventure seekers looking to explore one of California's most beautiful mountain ranges.

"...I thought I could surprise you with a fun little over-nighter to somewhere very picturesque this weekend," my spouse texts me on a Tuesday. Initially, I thought a weekend of simply vegging out on the sofa sounded wonderful, but if you're the planner in a relationship, you know that lightning doesn't usually strike twice, so I was all in.

The Mount Shasta area is one of our favorites because it has a natural vitality that draws you in. We got engaged near Castle Lake in 2019 and love returning to see the different seasons.

Grab Breakfast on the Road

If you enjoy a full breakfast bagel, wonderful coffee, and genuine customer service, I HIGHLY recommend Heritage Coffehouse in Shasta Lake! When we travel through the northern part of the state, we usually stop in Redding, and I had no idea this historic and charming tiny town existed just north of Redding. The exterior of the building had an old historic beauty to it, yet the interior was modern and comfortable. I opted for the "Halie Awesome" bagel, and it hit the spot!

Where to Stay in Mount Shasta?

We stayed at the Best Western Tree House, which was a nice hotel. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but it had a wonderful cabin atmosphere and a bar on site that we enjoyed for a lovely little night cap, plus it's dog friendly, which is a great plus! From our bedroom, we had a fantastic view of Mt.Shasta, which was all I could ask for. We chose the Best Western because my spouse earns points through them.

Find additional lodging options on,

Hiking in Mt.Shasta

A 7-mile out-and-back dog-friendly trail with a 1,354-foot elevation rise begins at Bunny Flat and loops around to Panther Meadows. Despite being out of shape from quarantine, this 7-mile loop was a terrific way to kick my ass and get me back into the hiking spirit. It challenged me while also igniting a fire within me.

I strongly advise carrying a picnic lunch and stopping at Old Ski Bowl for a snack break and to soak in the scenery. You'll get scenic views of layering mountains, a curvy winding road, and a sea of trees...oh, and Mt Shasta is right behind you. We wandered over to Panther Meadows after having a drone break at Old Ski Bowl, and then walked back to the car on the road depicted below.

We launched the drone up to take some shots and got a good look at Black Butte, "Mt.Ugly Shasta's Cousin." Okay, I don't think she's genuinely UGLY LOL, it's just a local idiom ;) In comparison to Shasta, Black Butte has a more traditional volcano appearance; after all, it is a volcano!

We started utilizing these drone camera filters when filming on bright sunny days, and they've improved our shots so much clearer and sharper! Honestly, it's a game changer, and I'm going to buy some more filters for different lighting and camera settings soon!

Panoramic Drone View of Mt Shasta California
Drone Filters for Mavic Air 2

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Sunset Views in Mount Shasta

There are many beautiful sites to watch the sunset in Mount Shasta, but many of them involve trekking to enjoy a spectacular view. Brian had originally planned to hike Heart Lake for sunset, but let's just say we were exhausted from our hike. We could have been real go-getters if we had wanted to, but we had dinner on our minds, so taking the easy way out was a no-brainer.

We drove over to Siskiyou Lake and parked in the Siskiyou Beach Parking Area, which has a fantastic view of Mount Shasta. However, parking costs $2, which is why we turned around and found some free parking on the side of the road, lol! If we return, we will absolutely pay the $2 to use the beach.

We ended up stopping at Box Canyon Dam to watch the sunset, but it was really rocky and there wasn't much space to sit and relax. We did, however, send up the drone to catch a glimpse of the sunset in all its grandeur! WOWOWOW, I'm in awe of the lake's shape and how it seeps right into the heart of this magnificent waterfall mountain. Mt.tip Shasta's was bathed in pink skies, and it was a sight to behold.


Framed Art of Mt Shasta and Siskiyou Lake

Where to Eat in Mt. Shasta

Yaks Mt Shasta Koffee & Eatery

Yaks has a fantastic range of coffee, smoothies, and bagels & sandwiches. The quality, quantity, and flavor is unmatched for this little mountain town. Reviewers were not kidding when they said this the best breakfast burrito they've ever had! Perks for your vegetarian friends because they carry lots of vegetarian alternatives on their menu!

Pipeline Craft Taps and Kitchen

Pipeline is top-notch in every way: wonderful beers, amazing cuisine, amazing staff, amazing interior/decor, and fantastic music. Try a variety of appetizers from their eclectic menu - cauliflower bites and duck fat fries are a hit!

The Garden Tap

The Garden Tap is a terrific location to come for a craft beer, oven-fired pizzas, and salads. Relax and unwind with friends in the dappled shade of the gorgeous nursery (Native Grounds Nursery), adjacent to the pond, or take a beer and browse our excellent range of plants, let your imagination run wild!

Hari Om Shri Ram Indian Cuisine

We ate at Hari Om Shri Ram Indian Cuisine, which had excellent Yelp and Google reviews. To be honest, our experience was mediocre at best. The cuisine was nice, and we like their Indian beers, but the hospitality and setup were less than ideal. The say the least, the service was extremely chaotic, and though I'd love to come back, I may have to pass.

The "handwritten" receipt was the icing on the cake, as we couldn't understand how the price was $80 for what we ordered, but we just paid, tipped, and left feeling ripped off and a little icky about the service.

I hope you enjoyed this blog of Mt.Shasta, and I'd love to know your experiences in Mt.Shasta.

Mount Shasta Itinerary


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