Dublin, Ireland (June 3rd-7th)

Visit if you like: nightlife, whiskey, history, city vibes, Irish culture, beer, carbs, music

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (June 7th-10th)

Visit if you like: nature, bikes, art, healthy food, cheese, walking, outdoors, quirkiness

Munich, Germany (June 10th-13th)

Visit if you like: beer, surfing, parks, architecture, peaceful walks, rainy weather, outdoor markets

Rome, Italy (June 13th-17th)

Visit if you like: hustle and bustle, Italian food, history, architecture, walking, wine, cobblestone

Florence, Italy (June 17th-21st)

Visit if you like: art, cheap delicious food, scenic views, walking, friendly people, church, shopping

Cinque Terre, Italy (June 21st-24th)

Visit if you like: hiking, nature, the ocean, photography, mediterranean food, adventure

Barcelona, Spain (June 24th-June 30th)

Visit if you like: architecture, the beach, paella and sangria, city life, farmers markets, bright colors

Paris, France (June 30th-July 4th)

Visit if you like: romance, coffee, bread, rain, shopping, art, history, nightlife, historical monuments

Champagne, France (July 4th-6th)

Visit if you like: champagne, country side, luxury, relaxation, cave tours, history, french cuisine

Bruges, Belgium (July 6th-8th)

Visit if you like: slow pace of life, beer, shopping, canals, boat rides, chocolate, quaint european life

Edinburgh, Scotland (July 8th-10th)

Visit if you like: castles, history, ghosts, shopping, harry potter, music, golf, fishing

Dunblane, Scotland (July 10th-12th)

Visit if you like: nature, fishing, whisky, seclusion, hospitality, driving in the countryside, peace

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