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Literally, "Bella Vita" means the good life in Italian. Everyones version of the good life is unique, and even our own outlook may change as we go through life. My version of Bella Vita is to love the little joys of life and soak up all the California travel. To taste, smell, and breath in my surroundings and experience as much as I can. To always do the things that bring me joy and live life that is authentic to myself. Whether I'm chasing the best cup of coffee around the world, or sitting on the porch sipping my favorite wine, that is my "Bella Vita". It is a rainy day in Paris, a quiet morning camping in the Sierra Nevadas, or eating the street food in Thailand at 1am. Breathing in life, because we only have one. Take a moment a think about your "Bella Vita."

Cheers, Brittany

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