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Okay, it may not be a hidden tree farm, but as a college student, you most likely have never heard of this place. And if you have, it was because a local told you about it. Chico has an abundance of nature and hiking spots, you just have to be willing to go searching for them. The tree farm, otherwise known as the Genetic Resource and Conservation Center, is highly recommended before you part ways with this small college town.

You can’t really go wrong visiting this place, but during the Fall is my favorite time of the year. They have every kind of tree imaginable! Bamboo forest, Redwoods, Oaks and an assortment of trees I’ve never even heard of. A beautiful creek runs through the vicinity, which adds to the calming nature of this place. It makes for a great (and free) day date with your significant other, or even a safe place to jog and catch up on gossip with the girls.

If you’re feeling homesick, and want to feel like your not in Chico, head to the tree farm to escape life for a bit. You don’t see many bamboo forest’s in this neck of the woods, but at the tree farm they have one. During the fall, which is my favorite time to go, is great if you’re looking to grab a cup of coffee and take a nice stroll. IF I ran, I would run here.

The Oven & Marketplace Cafe is right around the corner, I definitely recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and slice of quiche on your way in or out of the tree farm.



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