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St Anne of the Sunset - San Francisco's Most Beautiful Church

Address: 850 Judah St. San Francisco, CA 94122

The Churches History

The St.Anne of the Sunset is a Catholic Church in the Inner Sunset District in San Francisco, California. It was originally established in 1904, and later rebuilt and reopened in 1908, after the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 decimated the building.

In the 1920's the Catholic Church expanded its infrastructure of the building so they could increase their capacity by 300 people. From what used to hold 450 originally, could now hold up to 750 persons, with the addition of the newly established St.Anne school hosting up to 222 students. By 1945, almost 950 girls attended the school, and the demographics of the community began to diversify after World War II. What used to be a predominately Irish-Catholic neighborhood, began to gain more Chinese and Filipino into the Inner Sunset district, increasing the diversity of both the neighborhood and the church.

After taking almost 65 years to pay off the construction debts of the church- they painted the church a beautiful pink color in 1974. Famous leaders such as Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa payed their respects by visiting this iconic church in the 1980s.

The Inner Sunset District Neighborhood

What was once known as "The Outside Lands" of San Francisco is now a vibrant and colorful neighborhood with some of the best restaurants and homes in the city. The Inner Sunset District is surrounded by Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach and the University of San Francisco.

We flew the drone up to get an aerial perspective of the St.Anne of Sunset and the surrounding neighborhood, and we were amazed by what we could see. Not only the the church's architecture was stunningly beautiful but the views in the distance are quite astonishing as well. From the sky you could see many San Francisco landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the newly built Ferris wheel in Golden Gate, and the San Francisco skyline perfectly sprawled out in the distance.

We spent a few days exploring the Inner Sunset District and loved all the cute and colorful tightly packed houses. We had some of the most amazing food - the San Tung chicken wings are a must, and the Pineapple King Chinese bakery should definitely not be looked over!

Check out this Stunning 4k Aerial Footage of the Inner Sunset District and St.Anne of Sunset Catholic Church.

I hope you enjoyed some of the history and information about this beautiful church in San Francisco's Inner Sunset District. I knew when I spotted this beauty on the map I had to take some photo's and the views were even better than I could imagine!

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Krista Plociennik
Krista Plociennik
Feb 28, 2021

That really is a pretty church! I love the colour - definitely a great spot for a photo or two.


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