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Complete Guide to Camping Outfits for Summer 2021

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Now that you've finished the hard task of getting your Summer campgrounds booked, its time to consider what outfits you'll be packing for your adventure! A quality camping outfit should be comfortable and functional but also make you feel like the bad ass outdoorsy women you are. Here are some of my favorite Summer Camping Outfits of 2021...

Adventure Girl wearing a cute outfit

Consider the Weather + Environment

Summertime camping doesn't always guarantee sunshine and warm weather so make sure you check the local forecast prior. I recommend this website for accurate forecasting for remote locations. You should consider bringing multiple layers just in case it gets windy by the coast or chilly at night. We've been camping in Oregon during summer with rain and on the Northern California coast with intense winds. Make sure to always be prepared for all types of weather situations.

Proper Footwear for Camping

Bringing appropriate footwear can make or break a camping trip. First, you'll want to consider what kind of activities you will be doing and what terrain you may encounter during your stay. In all honesty I LIVE in my Birkenstocks and they've gotten me through many beach walks, trail hiking, and nights by the campfire. I always bring a pair of slip-on sandals for comfortability around the campsite and for those times you need to use the "bathroom" in the middle of the night. I would also recommend Tevas, Keen, and Chaco sport sandals for all-terrain and water activities.

If you are planning on hiking in a new pair of boots during your camping trip, make sure to break them in the few weeks prior! This is a must-do as there is nothing worse than risking getting blisters and walking around a dirty campsite. Wear them while running errands, on a neighborhood walk, or simply around the house. Reputable hiking boot brands in 2021 for women include Salomon, Merrell, and Keen.

Depending on your location and planned activities you should consider packing these types of shoes while camping: running shoes, sandals, hiking boots, swim shoes, hiking sandals and casual shoes. Also - don't forget to bring extra SOCKS!

How to Pack Your Bags for Camping

You might be asking yourself what is a good bag to pack all my clothes in? A large weekend size bag with a built-in shoe compartment on the bottom is my favorite way to pack clothes for camping. That way I can stuff some of my dirty undergarments into the bottom separate from my clean clothes. Since I bring a lot of camera gear I also bring a camera backpack and a fanny pack for hiking.

Road Trip Outfits for the Car

As a full time adventure travel content creator I am always on the lookout for a good photo opportunity during a road trip. There are some camping trips that we only want to get to our site as fast as possible - which means hustling through traffic to beat the daylight. In that case I would probably slip on some yoga pants and an oversized T Shirt. If you are lucky enough to have a more leisurely drive to your destination than I would reccommend wearing your cutest outfit first! You never know when you might find a good viewpoint or spot to pull over for an instagrammable photo - especially before the camp hair sets in!

On our road trip up the Mendocino Coast I wanted to wear something that was comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors but also presentable for stopping off at Pacific Star Winery. I chose to wear this outfit completely found from Target- olive green wide cropped pants, neutral sweatshirt and my brown wide brimmed hat. Once we arrived to the campsite I changed into comfier pants for the evening.

On our road trip home I wanted to take some pictures at the Avenue of the Giants and although I hadn't washed my hair or showered in a few days - I was able to throw together on this super comfortable and casual black dress from Target. I am super happy with the way it looked in photos too!

Shop These Outfits

Daytime and Activewear Outfits for Summer Camping

You've finished your camp coffee and are ready to get started on an adventerous day exploring the outdoors - but what will you wear? Whether you are planning on hitting the lake or reading a book you'll want to bring items that are versatile and comfortable. For a 2 to 3 day weekend camping trip I usually pack these items for daytime wear: 2 pairs of shorts (1 active/1jean), 1 pair of leggings, 2 casual dresses, a few tanks/T-shirts, 2 swim suits, 2 sport or wireless bras, and 2 hats. Camping fashion colors that are trending this summer are olive/sage green, burnt orange, sand tones and animal prints.

Campfire Outfits for Summer

As the sun begins to set and the camp fire gets going you'll want to change into a pair of pants and bundle up in some layers. If you are a mid-size queen like myself I have the most COMFY high-waisted capri pants for you - seriously my favorite outdoors pants at the moment! My favorite part about camping fashion is definitely the camp-fire outfit - once I throw on my Columbia jacket, Carhartt beanie, and a pair of jeans then I've got myself really feeling like a cool girl in a country song.

Sleeping Outfits for Summer Camping

The key to choosing your bed time outfit for camping is having a good base layer to stay warm. Breathable and sweat wicking materials are best for a comfortable nights sleep. After applying your base layer pile on any additional t-shirts or sweatshirts if needed. Keeping your head warm is also a key part to staying warm throughout the night, so I recommend packing a beanie for colder nights. Although if it's the middle of summer in the Southern California desert then shorts and tank top is probably just fine!

Follow my LTK profile for more images of my outfits as we embark on more camping trips this Summer. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram if you have any questions about sizing, style and fit!



May 20, 2021

Love these outfits that you put together and everything is so reasonably priced! I'm eyeing that jean jacket 👀


Love these camping outfits! Definitely agree on bringing multiple layers - I like being prepared for everything haha


Josy Austin
Josy Austin
May 19, 2021

You look fab camping! I have to admit, I have never thought much about outfits for camping (they always end up smelling of smoke and getting muddy) but I guess that is part of thr fun. :)


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