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Annie OD on Sports// Oceanside, CA Photoshoot

Annie OD on Sports// Oceanside, CA Photoshoot

Annie is a hustler, a dreamer, and one passionate woman when it comes to her sports teams. Annie hosts a podcast called "OD on Sports" which is available on Spotify + Apple, and I had the pleasure of working with her in Oceanside for a photoshoot.

Since stepping into her true calling of Sports Media, I thought the bleachers by the Ampitheater would make an appropriate spot to take some pictures. The bleachers are Red, White and Blue, and I know she is a die hard Dodgers fan, so it only made sense to have her positioned with the blue behind her! If you see in the photo below, we were lucky to get some of the moon in the corner.

If you plan to shoot here at the bleachers, remember to get there a little early to see how the shadows fall during the time of day you go. It was hard to get a head on shot because my shadows would have been casted in the shots.

After taking some photos on the bleachers, we headed down towards the stairs to the ground level by "Tower 2." This is where we were able to take some photos with the iconic palm trees and Annie centered in the middle. Side note: we went on a Tuesday and it was still pretty populated to try to get photos without any bypasses or cars, so set that shutter speed up high and wait for a moment or go early for Sunrise.

After our shoot, I told Annie about this mural that could work for more of an edgy vibe and she SLAYED IT. The mural is located behind "Masters Kitchen + Cocktail" in Oceanside, CA.

Do you have any photoshoot spots you love in North County San Diego? Let me know in the comments I'd love to check them out!



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